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Fabrice Touils Simple Poker Tricks [Part 1]

No matter if you are a pro or a beginner Fabrics poker tips can help elevate your home game to the next level.

Don’t drink alcohol

I know it’s tempting when alcohol is flowing but drinking alcohol prevents you from making a rational and logical decision. This is a massive problem if you are looking to make some money.  Drinking gives you confidence and is fun for the social aspect, but in the long run of the game, it won’t bring you the winnings you want. It might work for a little, but the money flows back to the most logical and rational player. So keep your drinks to a minimum and look out for the players that are drinking. You could use that to get ahead at the table.

Identify Your players

Home games have its advantages. They’re less of you, and the more you get together with each other and play the more your opponents start to become your friends and family. You will grow to care for them more, so recognizing each player’s set of skills is essential.  While it’s critical to play each hand optimally, I strongly suggest that you avoid playing pots with the strong players and instead focus on the weaker players.

Copy the Benchmark

Decide who the strongest player is at the table and start analyzing what they are doing. Scrutinize their play. What do they do well? What are they doing that I’m not doing? Try to copy them and do it better.

Empathy Maps

Understand your opponents. It is never smart to walk into something without knowing all the facts. You ever hear that “knowledge is power” well it can be applied the same way in poker. Start thinking about your opponents and ask these questions. What are they thinking? What do they see? What do people think of them? What do they hear? You should research every player in your home game. What are their strengths, what are their weaknesses? Then you can create a plan to exploit them. I guarantee you will be the only person in the game doing this. But how do you gather all of this information?

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