Common mistakes in poker

Poker is more than just a card game. It requires in-depth strategy, the ability to read opponents, and it requires that players be able to calculate odds in little to no time. It is a very mathematical game. Fabrice Touil understands the hardships involved with learning poker. Like any player, Fabrice Touil learned from his mistakes and these mistakes made him the player he is today. Here are some common poker mistakes that Fabrice has learned from.

Playing a Bad Hand:

Players will start with a poor hand and hope that the flop will salvage their hand. The problem with this strategy is that you are relying purely on the flop. It is more conducive to your chances of winning to go in with a basic hand like a pair than it is to have a single ace and hope for another ace to turn up in the flop. Never put your fate on the flop if you can help it. Folding early can save you a lot of trouble and money.
Over Betting: Another common mistake players make is that they feel obligated to continuously bet on a hand that they have invested chips into. Often, it is best to cut ties with a poor hand. Do not keep going in hopes that it will fix itself. Yes, you could get lucky, but in most cases, you are walking into your opponent’s trap. Touil believes that it is important to get a read on your opponent. Learn their tendencies and if you see that they are betting for the sake of betting, only then should you try to take advantage of them.
Playing Passive with the Advantage: game winningPlayers often are afraid to show their strength. If game-winning hand, play the odds. Force your opponent to raise and bet a larger amount. If you make small bets, your opponent may call, and your strategy will be ruined. It is important that you take advantage of a strong hand as much as possible.
Becoming Flustered: Every player makes a bad bet and loses a lot of chips at some point. Learn to recover. Shake off your loss and continue playing. However, learn from your mistakes. On this subject, Touil said, “If I gave up after my first big loss I would never be in professional poker today. It’s a tough sport, its cutthroat, but it’s a truly rewarding experience.”
Avoid letting your anger take over: If you are getting annihilated at a table by a certain player or are having a couple of bad rounds, take a break. Do not bet in a rage. This will only lead to further losses and aggravation. Sometimes it is best to take a break, collect your thoughts, consider where you went wrong, regroup, and conquer the table.

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