Fabrice Touils Poker Tips Continues

Poker Tips with Fabrice Touil You may ask who Fabrice Touil is. He is a professional poker player from France who has had success in major poker tournaments. He has provided us with a list of poker tips that he believes are fundamental to finding success in the beloved game. He understands the ins and outs as he has succeeded at the professional level. Listed below are Touil’s tips to the game

Play in a Proper State: This may sound like common sense, but never play if you are knocked out drunk. Too many times I have seen players become drunk, lose their judgment, and consequently all of their money. Set limits on yourself if you know that this will become an issue. If you become angry, walk away. If you become depressed, walk away. You only risk losing more by playing with emotion.

Avoid “Attention” Bluffing: Don’t bluff for the sake of bluffing. Yes, bluffs are a major part of poker. Yes, they have won me games. However, they don’t need to be used every hand. Save them for when they are needed. Identify your opportunity. Know your opponents. If your opponent is notorious for playing every hand, why would you need to bluff? You know what he is going to do even before he does it. Use that to your advantage and pick him apart like a vulture.

Bail Out:  If you are deep into a hand, but the stakes continue to grow, and you know that your chances are low, bail out. Do not stay in hand for the sake of trying to salvage the chips you’ve already committed. It’s better to lose a little than to lose it all.

Know Your Limits: Only play at tables that you know you can afford to lose on. If you are gambling away money that you can’t afford to lose than you shouldn’t be playing at that particular table. Casual players should play for fun, not to win huge amounts of money. Professionals should play to win money, but they also must have the mindset that they may lose a lot of money on the way to a large win. Variance is key, and this is something that every professional must keep in mind.


Play Within Your Skill:

Know your opponents. If you are a rookie, avoid playing a professional player like Fabrice Touil. This is a quick way to demoralize yourself and to lose a lot of money. Know who you are playing and try to play against players of your skill level.

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