Playing Poker

Qualities Of A Poker Pro

Every professional poker player has a unique personality and a set of skills that help distinguish one from the rest. Yet, there are certain qualities that are essential if a player wants to compete in the professional scene. Fabrice Touil is an excellent example of a pro who possesses many of these important qualities.


Experience is key. Knowing how to get through a tough situation, and how a hand will play out, or how to read your opponent is a crucial aspect of being successful. You must know how to dig deep and play on.


A lot of being good at poker has to do with your ability to analyze plays, read your opponents, and to track statistics. You cannot be lazy while playing poker. If you fall behind on the events at a table, you will fall behind in the game, and likely lose.


Willingness to Learn

Poker players must always be students of the game. You can never assume that you are going to win and that your current strategies will work a year later. Strategies and trends change. If you want to be successful, you need to be able to adapt and change your play style seamlessly.


Control of Emotions

Good and bad situations occur in a match. Sometimes you win a lot, other times you lose it all. You must be able to keep your emotions in check if you are going to survive through a match where you are throwing around millions of dollars. Staying calm, cool, and collected is key.


Social / Networking Skills

You need to be connected. Network with other professional poker players. They may invite you to their events. Increasing your exposure will see you sit at important tables and play in high-end events. Part of being a pro is socializing and making a name for yourself at the table and behind the scenes.


Going ‘All In’

A true pro knows when to go all in. They can read the situation, and realize that this is their only chance to deliver a crushing blow. The stakes may be high, but they’ve read the probabilities, and they know that they have a high chance of being successful. Average players are unable to identify their golden moment and often miss their opportunity to go for it all, or they try to force a big play and lose everything.

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