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Fabrice Touil’s Common Poker apparel

Do you ever wonder why professional poker players are always wearing sunglasses, headphones and baggy clothing? Here a few of those items and the reasons behind it.


This is the most common accessory that a poker professional will wear. It hides their eyes which happens to be one of the easiest ways to tell if someone is lying or not. If a player draws a high-quality hand, more often than not, their eyes will light up. If an opponent sees this, they will likely fold. On the contrary, if a player draws an awful hand, they will act surprised or disappointed. Professional Poker Player Fabrice Touil  stated, “I wouldn’t play a game without sunglasses. I’ve seen guys lose large amounts of money due to simple visual cues provided by a players eyes. Most of the time a player won’t even know that they are broadcasting their thoughts via their eyes.”

Hoodies and Hats:

Hoodies and hats are popular as well. Generally, this stems from a marketing standpoint. Players are often endorsing certain companies, and this is the easiest way to show their support. However, hoodies also help to hide the eyes and other facial expressions. A player can pull a hoodie over their head to make their facial features appear darker. Hats work in the same way. They create a shadow that can protect a player’s eyes from displaying those dangerous tell signs.



Headphones are another common accessory worn by professional poker players. Headphones act as a distraction for opponents. It draws their attention away from the player’s face, and it creates a lot of noise around that region that helps hide a player’s facial expressions. It also acts as a noise canceling method. Professional poker matches can be very loud, and some players want to dull down the noise so that they can concentrate and focus on tracking odds and statistics.

Hopefully, this has helped you to understand why certain players wear different pieces of clothing and accessories. In most cases, these items have a strategic importance that allows a player to hide facial expressions or provides them with the ability to focus on the game at hand. Professional poker players play a lot of poker, and through their experience, they have developed different methods that allow them to shield their strategies.

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