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Fabrice Touil Reveals Statistics


Every poker player has a list of statistics that they live by. Fabrice Touil recently discussed the ones that he lives by and the ones that he has found success within his journeys in the professional poker scene.

 1.    The chances of getting double aces, a picture pair or anything ace or king suited is a measly 2.1%. If you try to wait for this hand, you will miss out on a lot of potential earnings. Don’t be afraid to pursue other hands as Touil will explain later.

 2. If you are one card short of a flush, go for it. You have a 34.97% chance of getting that draw. Those are odds worth playing on.

3. When you are in a showdown between suspected pairs, the bigger pair will win 80% of the time. Read your opponents betting patterns to get an idea of whether or not they have a more valuable pair. Set your limit around a pair of queens in a showdown like this.

4. Desperation hand. If you are relying on a specific two cards on the river, you have a 0.3% chance to land both, but if you land one than your odds increase to 4.55%. The verdict? Fold.

5. The odds of being dealt a pocket pair are around 6% or once every 17 hands. Do not make this the only hand that you engage with. You will be sitting on the sidelines in no time.

7.  The chance of flopping a flush is only 0.8%. It is clear that these are not winning odds. Do not rely on being flopped a large portion of the flush.

8.  If you get a two pair on the flop, you have a 16.74% chance to get a full house by the river.

9. Did you play aggressive and bet on low cards? Surprisingly, 33.4% of the time this strategy can be successful. In the end, it all comes down to how well your opponents can read you. Wear those sunglasses.

10. Pocket jacks are unreliable. 52% of the time, a higher pair will be drawn. Do not be fooled by picture cards, they can be your demise.


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